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Monday, January 29, 2018

So vlogging about hair has been my jam for about a year & a half now. I've really enjoyed sharing my thoughts on a variety of protective styles I've worn in that amount of time.  I recently switched it up with a review on a wig I wore for a couple weeks (I can only stand a short term stint with full head wigs).

Check it out my thoughts below:

Just before the wig review, I featured this curly crochet look. It was a bit a stray from my normal curl pattern, but I'm exploring new styles this winter so this fell right in line with my new trend. Click below to hear more & be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel to get these videos as soon as they drop!

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Thursday, January 4, 2018

It's been an incredibly long time between posts.  For that I truly apologize. But here's the good news.

I've been busying vlogging and have listed a few of my recent videos below.

I fully intend to get back to blogging (and to continue vlogging) this year but...

BBD is going in a different direction. One that I'm so very excited about and can't wait to bring to you.

If you stick with me I'll do my best to make it worth the wait.

So for now, enjoy my reviews of my favorite crochet braid looks and know that much more is on the way.

Stay tuned.

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

For the second installment of my short series featuring summer active wear, I'm highlighting the brand that makes up about 90% of my workout gear - Livi Active from Lane Bryant. I've been wearing Livi since I started caring about what I wear when I work out. I used to be in the "wear any old thing to exercise" camp, despite the fact that active wear has been around for quite some time. I just never thought I'd be into that kind of thing... throw on an old t-shirt & sweatpants and I was good.

But when I decided last Fall to get serious about what I wore when I began hiking my local trails, Lane Bryant was the first place I went to for comfortable, perfect fitting workout gear. Truthfully, I compare all my other active wear to Livi. I have as many full length leggings as I do cropped length. I tend to wear the full length leggings on the trails because sticks and stones can break my bones, and mud is so icky! 

I share the rest of my thoughts below and the links for the gear below video. Enjoy!

Top (size 22/24)
Bottom (size 22/24)
Hiking shoes (originally purchased from

This post is not sponsored by the vendors showcased. No affiliate links are used in this post.

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017


"It's been a long time...shouldn't left you....without a new post to get to. But I came up with a plan with nothing but..." OK, I'll stop here. But you get my drift, right? #ericbandrakimforever

Anywho, I could have come back looking all glorious and decked out like bloggers often do after breaks. (And if you follow me on IG you'll see I still get decked out & all.)  But I decided to keep up with real life and show you what I've actually been wearing for the last few months. I workout about two to four times a week (I'll never be an 'every day-er'...just not in my DNA). My workout of choice is walking. I ditched the gym last fall in exchange for my local trails and began hiking my heart out. I try to get in two or more miles per workout. I didn't know how I'd feel about doing it in the hot summer sun, but I'm still out in these streets and on the trail getting in my steps. 

The rest of my thoughts about this workout look is in the video below; links to the items are below the video. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel as this will be the new format in which I share details about the outfits I post. Enjoy!


This post is not sponsored by the vendors showcased. No affiliate links are used in this post.
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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

So I know I've been MIA on the blog scene lately. We all know that sometimes life moves faster than we can keep up and well...this is one of those times for me.

But all has not been lost! Though I haven't been posting about my latest favorite 'fit (a.k.a outfit), I have been busy vlogging on my YouTube channel.

I've really enjoyed vlogging as it's allowed me to let my creative juices flow in a new direction. And best of all I'm still giving out honest opinions about things I actually use "in real life".

Check out some recent videos below!

Here's my latest crochet review featuring KIMA Volum crochet hair:

I've dabbled in beauty reviews as well:

Be sure to subscribe to stay up on the latest reviews you can use! And don't worry...I'll be back to sharing more fashion pics before you know it!
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