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Monday, October 10, 2016

Brown Sugar Babe

 Big Bella Donna Diyanu

 Big Bella Donna Diyanu

So it's been autumn for a few weeks now, but thankfully there have been several warm days this month, and I think I caught the very last one for this shoot. Hence, the sleeveless shirt in early October. Consider this a summer throwback with awesome autumn colors!

This is my second skirt from Diyanu. Check out my first look from them. Both are colorful, chic and fun. And both are suitable for early fall when the crossover to cooler temperatures has begun. If you live in a warm climate year round, then these looks can be added to your fall wardrobe simply because of the color scheme. Most of us are still in the transitional period for colors and weather patterns, so take advantage of this by adding layers to change up any of your favorite summer looks or outfits that you didn't wear before Labor Day but you want to get a wear in before Halloween when it's coat weather for sure!

 Big Bella Donna Diyanu

 Big Bella Donna Diyanu

 Big Bella Donna Diyanu

Skirt (Diyanu; size XXL)
Top (XXI; size 0X; summer clearance)
Denim shrug (oldie from my closet)

*Styling notes: This skirt is made to keep its full form. It's true to size so follow the site's size guide. It can be dressed up with a more formal shirt and jewelry for fancy parties or kept casual for sunny fall days and cool evenings.  

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