Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Double the Fitting, Double the Fun

Countdown continues to the black tie event I'm attending in about 10 days.  Step 1 was completed yesterday when I found the dress just in the nick of time.  I went on a mission to complete step 2 today: alterations.  This is equally as important as finding the dress...if it doesn't fit, it's not legit! And since I'm pear shaped I always have to get some kind of cut & tuck done to any gown or formal dress.

I started out at my local dry cleaner who I use regularly for dry cleaning services and alterations.  Typically I work with a seamstress from the boutique at which I purchase the dress, but due to the time crunch & the prom rush I was on my own when it came to finding someone who would do a good job in a jiffy. Sadly, and quite surprisingly, my usual go-to gal was not herself today.  I got a lot of attitude and push back for what amounted to very simple alterations for my dress (just needed to be taken in around the bust area). I was not feeling the love in any kind of way so I packed up my dress, said "see ya next time" and shot straight over to a seamstress that was recommended by the dress shop so I had a good feeling that she would work out.

I called ahead to make sure she could get my dress done in a week and when she said yes, I got there in about 20 minutes (breaking no laws along the way).  The fitting went much better.  She was pleasant and very helpful, and I trust that I'll look as good in the dress as I envision when it's all said and done.

So the moral of story... don't let anyone cut your dress if they act as if they want to cut you!



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