Monday, March 30, 2015

Second Time Around Score!

Big Bella Donna will 'B'Dazzle' the crowd
in this bombshell cobalt beauty!
So as is usually the case when I've wasted weeks before a special event not planning what I'm going to wear, I spent this weekend last minute dress shopping for a black tie gala I'm attending with my husband next week.  I always think I'm going to wear something from my closet, but then the feeling hits me and I want something new...I mean I'm a woman right? So I managed to get the hubs and my baby boy to come along with me on the trip to my favorite fancy dress shop. I usually make the trip alone but this time I felt like having company. Plus, the Mister has great taste and knows what he likes to see me in so I like getting his opinion the first time around.

Though the Sunday morning trip with the boys turned out to be nothing more than a showcase of dresses that were much too fancy for the occasion, I decided to go back to the store today (the next day) to see what I could manage on my own.  I had my favorite fashion consultant (sales associate) from the store with me on both days. I LOVE this woman because she really knows my taste, style, and body shape. I've been buying dresses from her for almost 10 years!  I can trust that she will tell me the truth and won't just put me in something to make a sale.  So on today's trip, we went down a couple of sizes (*stops typing to do the Nae Nae*) and looked at dresses that we skipped over the day before.

We picked out three gowns, one of which we'd picked out on Sunday but I didn't try it on because my hubby and son were famished and we'd planned to go to breakfast after I made my round at the store. So, I tried on just one dress and boom! I had it! It needs altering of course, but that's to be expected. Get was 20% off...*Nae Naeing again* not only did I find my dress on the second go 'round but I also saved a few bucks in the midst of it!  And I did it in about 30 minutes because I had to get to my house before my son got home from school. Can someone say SuperMom Saves the day and a few bucks!?!

The countdown to the event is on and I'm up against the clock to get the dress altered before next week. It'll be a crunch...but I'm a professional procrastinator so this right up my alley!  Stay tuned more deets on the shape up (alteration) and the accessories that will complete the look as this Big Bella Donna gets ready to glam it up!



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