Saturday, April 11, 2015

How to Turn Cobalt into Black

A couple of weeks ago I posted a picture of a new dress I found for a gala I was scheduled to attend. I was so happy to have found the dress after what seemed to be a very long search. I shared the story of getting the dress altered which took two fittings to finally do correctly. I was all set to go with the dress and embarked upon the search for the perfect pair of shoes. That proved to be nerve-racking as well but once again I made it through. 

Fast forward to the day of the event…for a variety reasons including impending inclement weather and other factors I decided not to wear the dress after all! This didn't sit to well with my husband at first. He had anticipated seeing me walk through the doors of the museum where the event was to be held in a flowing strapless blue gown.  But I assured him that I would still look absolutely stunning (in his words) as he desired. 

Every big Bella Donna should have a "go to" dress that they can wear to any soirĂ©e and look absolutely fabulous in it! Preferably the dress should black as was the case with the dress I ended up wearing last night. What I loved about the dress was that it was form flattering (for my husband) and comfortable for me. Can you say win-win? Basic black is an absolute necessity. It's versatile and appropriate in every season. No matter the length of the dress or the style you could probably make it work for a special occasion. 

Fortunately for my next formal affair I have a beautiful blue gown awaiting its debut. I already have the event in mind and I can't wait to see what happens as the date draws closer. Hopefully I'll stick with plan A and actually make it out of the house in the dress! As far as last night's event, it was absolutely lovely! There were so many beautiful dressed big Bella Donnas there! I didn't have time to snap pics of all of them but I was able to catch a few special ladies to showcase their loveliness! 


The beautiful Ms. Taneshia Laird in a showstopping Sofistafunk custom skirt (
The lovely Ms. Deborah Johnson of the African American Museum of Philadelphia looking gorgeous in creme & gold.


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