Saturday, May 16, 2015

Budget Friendly Big Bella Donna

I've been known to drop a pretty penny for a dress that I've only worn once. But on an average day I'm looking for Big Bella Donna fashion on a budget! Fortunately, there are plenty of budget friendly options out there for big beautiful women who want to stay in the fashion fast lane without being run over by astronomical prices for quality clothing.

Every woman has her price point for which she'll shell out the bills to make her runway ready. Budget friendly go to stores such as  Fashion To Figure, Forever 21, and H&M are always ready to help a BBW softened the blow to her wallet while walking out with some really good finds. Other staples in plus size fashion such as Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, and Torrid have faithful fashionistas lining up daily to grab the latest trends.

I pretty much shop anywhere that has anything in my size. Sometimes that means I'm in New York & Co for tops, shoes, and accessories (these hips bar me from their bottoms and dresses). Other times I'm roaming the aisles of Burlington seeing what jumps out at me.  Thanks to my somewhat hourglass but mostly pear shaped frame, I tend to go for more dresses than skirts so that I can have a smooth look from top to bottom. Another go to place for me is Ross. I found this little number on a recent trip.

The color combo and pattern immediately grabbed my attention. The style is something I'd wear to a women's tea event at a church or maybe a bridal shower for a dear friend or even a nice "date day" with the hubs. Of course it's really appropriate for any day time spring or summer occasion as it's just delightful!

If you're a real bargain shopper you'll know there's a way to get a great looking dress for absolutely nothing!  What? You've never borrowed a dress from your best girl friend or family member because you absolutely love it and it loves you back (read: looks great on you)? True friends know that sharing is caring! In this case, my supplier was my beloved mother with whom I share a taste for both bargain shopping and love of cute dresses. I love the color and simple cut of this little cutie. I'm not one for a lot of accessories as you may have noticed. I like to let the dress do the talking, particularly if it hits my curves just right. I just add a little accent with earrings and one thing on my wrist or hand and then set it off with my greatest hairstyle of the moment! 

When I get dressed for an occasion I style my look from head to toe. I start with dress and let it tell me how my hair should be styled to complete the look I'm going for depending on the occasion. Now I know for 'branding' purpose one's overall look should stay the same...well, I'm just going to have to keep tagging my photos because it would go against my very nature to keep my hairstyle the same way all the time! lol But being versatile is just one of the freedoms we have as lovely, creative BBW. Let's continue to break down barriers based on what people say we should do and how we should look. Onward big beautiful pioneers!


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Updated 9/19/15

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