Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Doing the Drape

OK c'mon...how much do you love this dress? I mean really...is it not the cutest LBD? From the first time I saw it on City Chic I was in love! It looked incredibly comfortable (I warned you that you'd see that word again & again on here) and chic. The reviews pretty much confirmed my initial reaction. One reviewer said she wore the dress a whopping five times on a single vacation. Having worn it I'd say it'd be totally possible since all you have to do is slip it on, throw on a strappy heel (or flat if you're not a fan of heels, but I found it looked better with heels), your favorite accessories of choice and you're off.
Confidence is cute!
I've shown it with and without a belt to fit your fancy. My preference is with the belt as I think it adds a little more umph to the look. This drape dress (also called the 'goddess' dress on some sites) is perfect for date night or a summer evening affair such as a wedding, "all black party" (the anti-"all white party"), or any soiree where you want to look and feel uber-feminine as it seems to just scream "I am woman...see me, know me, love me"...or something like that!  If you like it, grab it while it's on sale here ... oh and did I mentioned you can get some of the other drape dress styles for $20? Gasp! What are you waiting for? Shop woman, shop!

Chic & classy
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