Monday, July 20, 2015

A Cut for Your Curves: Let's Have a Ball!

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In my last post I briefly reviewed the various styles of evening gowns and dresses. The next few posts will be a short series highlighting the styles I believe best suit my fellow triangle- shaped or pear-shaped (small up top, wide at the bottom) curvy bella donnas. (Click here to review the style chart.)

As mentioned, I favor the Ballgown, A-line (modified A), and Empire style dresses. These styles showcase the best parts of my shapely figure which is ultimately the goal for formal wear (or almost anything when you think of it). In these photos, I'm wearing a vintage ballgown that I've owned for about seven or eight years. Now I know technically that might not qualify as "vintage", but in the blogosphere anything you wore yesterday is considered vintage! (hahaha)  I think an item has to be at least ten or more years old to be in a vintage collection, but if we're making up our own rules I'm shortening that period by few years.

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Anywhoo, this was my first ever ballgown and it was love at first sight. I bought it to wear to a...get this...ball! A charity ball to be exact. I had been to special occasions before, but never a bona-fide ball so I was ready to go all out!

I was attracted to this gown because of its classic look and feel. The rhinestone scattered strategically among the pleated layers of the dress sparkled so delicately in the proper lighting which made me feel as if I were wearing fairy pixie dust on the gown. I had it altered to bring in the bodice so that it would fit neatly around my bust and waist. This is standard procedure for me as I have a small upper level and a wide lower level, hence my tendency to wear the aforementioned styles. 

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It may not look as extravagant as some other ballgowns out there on the market (past & present) but it is indeed in that category. All one would need to do is try to sit down and she would see how much of a ball it is!

It came with a sheer wrap for which I had the seamstress add hooks to the the bodice so that I could attached the wrap without having to hold it all night as I wore it. Of course as you can see, it looks just fine without the wrap and I most likely wore it like this on my original outing in the gown. Putting it on again immediately brought back the "princess" feeling that I had when I first tried it one...I mean really, how can you not feel like a princess in a ballgown? I believe it's a written requirement! 

Stay tuned for more reviews of my favorite gown styles. Check out my summer blackout series to see one more shot of this gown & to find out where I purchased it.


Disclosure: This post was not sponsored, endorsed, or acknowledged by the vendors mentioned or showcased. I have not received compensation for this post. The clothing items were personally procured and the review is solely the opinion of the author.

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