Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How to Pick Your Perfect Dress Style For Your Curves

Most women are pretty clear on what style of dress or gown works best with their shape. This is most likely attributed to years of trying on, purchasing, borrowing, or otherwise acquiring dresses to wear for special occasions. But there are still many women of all sizes out there who aren't fully aware of what styles flatter their curves.

Now I use the word flatter here in its purest definition, as in "compliment".  Some full figured women are not inclined to use this word as they believe it carries a negative connotation...meaning why should they have to wear something 'flattering' just because they may be plus size. Well lookie here...all women should wear flattering clothing. Yeah, I said it!

Here's what I'm mean.  What's the point of being of woman if you don't where clothes that compliment, highlight, accentuate, or punctuate your shape? (Please note: I know there's so much more to being a woman than how we dress, but this is a fashion blog so just go with the flow...)  If you're going to wear clothes, any clothes all, you might as well make them work for you. This couldn't be be more true than when shopping for a special occasion dress.

I saw the chart above come across my Instagram feed a while ago on a bridal page I follow. It compares eight common dress styles. I tend to go for the Ballroom, A-line, and Modified A-line styles, but I have worn the Mermaid style as well. These are my go-to styles because I have small bust & waist and full hips which all of these styles accommodate and accentuate nicely.  I could totally go for dresses in some of the other designs, but I'd be doing myself and the dresses a disservice. There is absolutely no shame in dressing for your shape. In fact...I insist on it!

More on this topic to come, but feel free to chime in on what style(s) makes you feel your most beautiful.


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