Monday, July 27, 2015

Regal in Red: How to Rock the Red Carpet

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Every woman should have a red carpet experience at least once in her life. The glitz...the glamour...the air kisses...flashing lights, you know the whole kit & caboodle. For that possible once in a lifetime experience (I say possible because for some it may happen more than once), said woman should do her best to be a showstopper on the carpet. I mean let's face it...entire television shows are dedicated solely to reviewing what celebrities wear to the highly acclaimed awards ceremonies (I live for awards season for this very reason!).

Enter Sydney's Closet. (You like the way that sounds, don't you? Read it again in case you missed.) The one stop shop for full figured formal wear sizes 14-40.  Pause for resounding applause! Sydney's Closet offers a wide range selection for every formal occasion - proms, galas, weddings - you name it. Their Red Carpet gown is featured in this post. It is everything it's said to be in the description. The moment you put it on you instantly feel like royalty. And it's over. Red is a power color. It represents boldness and confidence. It's always in style and can be worn year round especially since there varying hues of this eye-catching color.

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The gown is appropriately named "Red Carpet" as it is truly worthy of adorning any scarlet runway leading to a grand event. It can obviously be worn to events sans a red carpet entry, but you'll still feel as if you're holding court.

They've written songs about her.  Made movies in her honor. You know you could be her....the lady in red. You will surely turn heads in this gown that is comfortable enough to last throughout a festive occasion.

The gown is available in sizes 14-24. I'm wearing a size 20 in these photos. Some alterations might be necessary for those who are smaller up top like me to ensure proper snugness around the bust and waist area. As mentioned in my previous posts regarding dress styles (here & here), this A-line silhouette is right up my alley. My bountiful hips have plenty of space to move freely, which is important for me as I like to be comfortable in a garment I plan to wear all night to fabulous affair. I'm a minimalist when it comes to accessories so I paired the dress with shimmery chandelier style earrings and a bejeweled bracelet.  I'd advise going light on the accessories as you wouldn't want anything to overpower the statement of the dress.

If you're shopping for a "make them stop & stare" gown for your upcoming formal soiree, do check out this lovely feature from Sydney's Closet. And be sure to let them know you found it on Big Bella Donna Fashion!


The company featured in this post sent me their product as gift in exchange for my review.  All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience with the product. No affiliate links are featured in this post.

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