Wednesday, July 8, 2015

To Rent or To Own: Fashion's the Question

Honestly...I never thought I'd see these phrases associated with fashion. I, like the average consumer, regularly shop for clothes at my stores of choice. I've recently started online shopping (I know...I'm late) after being adverse to it since I like to try to before I buy. But after finding online retailers with solid return policies, I've been pleased with my purchases thus far.

Enter the concept of renting clothes without the 'hassle' of owning them. On one hand, I totally get and dig the idea. You find a cute outfit on your rental site of choice, go through the necessary steps and voila! You've got some fresh new 'fits in your closet that you can rock once and then return them with no worries of being given the side eye from a sales associate who thinks you're running the infamous scam of wearing and then returning certain items of clothing.  With the rental system it's not just expected, it's required!

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Gwynnie Bee appears to be the go-to rental resource for plus size, renters. The site offers clothing from 10-32 (nice size variation I might add) with the tag line "never wear the same thing twice". Sound enticing, right? Apparently, plenty of plus size fashionistas go for this type of thing as I'm seeing a lot of Instagram posts with ladies touting that they're sporting Gywnnie Bee in their photo. Again, I love the concept & I'm in no way knocking it or those who rock with it. I just don't think I'm a candidate. It kind of surprises me to say it, but I realized I like ownership versus rental when it comes to everyday clothes. Now please don't get me wrong...I've heard Gywnnie Bee is an awesome service and from the looks of it they're not hurting for my business. I think they even have a way for renters to become owners if they really like the clothing. So if it sounds like fun to you, by all means rent on sista! You can even click the link above to start your new relationship with your BFF Gywnnie! And I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the service for folks who might find it more feasible to borrow & return rather than shopping to own. But for now, I'm going to stick to tradition in order to honor, if nothing else, my mother's long standing love affair with shopping which she so graciously passed on to me (thanks Mom!). In fact, truth be told she's my personal Gywnnie Bee...I borrow from her closet ALL the time. Ha!

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Now, I can totally understand the rental concept with regard to formal wear. I own several gowns that I've purchased over the last 10 years (after I got married, my attendance at black tie events shot up exponentially due to my husband's work). Had I known about Rent The Runway all these years, I might not own as many gowns. Again, a great concept especially for formal wear since most women would not wear a gown more than once (celebrities absolutely swear by this rule). So if you find yourself in the market for one-time wonders, R.T.R is  probably your best source.

So what camp are you in - rent or own? Have you tried either service? Leave a comment & let me know your thoughts.



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