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Let's Shop: Top Five Plus Size Formalwear Online Stores

Vacation and illness kept me away from blogging for a couple weeks (unfortunately the two occurred simultaneously at one point), but I'm getting back into the swing of things and putting my recovery time to good use. With summer ending and the holiday season approaching, you may have more reasons to start your search for the perfect dress. But since special occasions occur throughout the year, there's really never a bad time to shop for that special dress that will make you the most noticed "bella donna" of the ball at the next upscale event. I have a few stores in my area that are my go-to spots for formal wear. However, I've since expanded my options after finding some popular online purveyors of absolutely beautiful formal attire at prices fit for every budget. I've only "window shopped" on some of these sites, but when the  time comes these will be the some of the sources I'll shop to find the perfect dress. Here's the list in alphabetical order:

ASOS is a global fashion source for young and young-at-heart trendy, fashion lovers. It features clothing for women & men and sells thousands of brands and self-branded items. When looking for their plus size special occasion dresses (or other plus size fashion), be sure to look up ASOS Curve. With technology being what it is, the site will recognize where you're shopping from so if you're shopping within the US it will display US sizes and prices. There's even an ASOS app available in iTunes (unsure about Androids users, but I'm guessing it's likely to be available as well). I like ASOS because of its variety of styles and pricing which runs the uber-affordable to the "okay, how bad do I really need/want this" amount. I'm sure you'll see a post sometime in the future featuring a formal dress from their line up as I'm eager to try out their goods.
I've purchased several items from City Chic and I must say I've been pleased just about every time. I did have one pair of pants that didn't work out for me, but I run that risk anytime I purchase slacks. My bottom half is just so tricky! Anywho, this is Australian based international fashion resource that has or is sold in retail stores worldwide and of course, has a heavy presence as an online retailer. Similar to ASOS, City Chic has great price points, and the bonus prize is the Outlet section where items have been sold for as low as $10 (I jumped like a kangaroo on those see what I did there? Kangaroo? Ha! Am I the only one laughing right now?) Right now, the Outlet is offering items for $20 which is still a super duper deal and could ultimately lead to a shopping spree. (You've been warned!) The entire site is dedicated to plus size fashionistas so you'll simply have to navigate to "Dresses" to find a sweet little number for your next formal affair. Check out my review of Grecian style dress from CC here.

Eloquii is a US based (New York) company that caters to fashion lovers sizes 14-28. The site's main description says it only goes up to 24, but earlier this summer the company announced their newly created extended sizes (26 & 28) line.  I have a skirt from Eloquii that have yet to wear simply because I haven't found the right blouse to go with it yet. I plan to put something together as holiday look since the skirt is red and we know red = holiday. Eloquii offers something for everyone in that it can swing from the mid-20 something to the mature but fashionable over 40 crowd. As far as formal wear, their prices are comparable to other online and brick & mortar stores that offer the same style of clothing. They don't have a pull down selection for special occasion clothing  (the Studio Collection is close, but it's not the total offering) so you'll have to scroll through the "Dresses" section to see what's available. The good news is they'll probably be a sale going on (which is definitely not a bad thing) so you could walk away with a gorgeous frock or two at a steal!

IGIGI is another US based (California) provider of plus size apparel that sells through a limited number of retailers across the country, so most of its business is done online. It is exclusively plus size and offers attire for all occasions. They have a drop down selection specifically for formal wear which I love when visiting a site since it makes it easier to zero in on the shopping mission at hand (if that's what I'm looking for of course). The selection isn't overwhelming, meaning there aren't a lot of dresses to choose from but they're all beautiful. If you're anything like me, whether shopping in in-store or online, you check the "sale" section first and IGIGI would be a good place to do that. It's not overly expensive since formal wear isn't typically a cheap expense. But it doesn't hurt to see what you can get at a bargain so you can feel like you won a prize for holding out for the same piece that someone paid full price for and you scored for a fraction of it. 

Last but not least we have our final US based (California) suppliers of beautiful dresses for formal events. Kiyonna is a great source for the sophisticated shopper. Their items can be found in over 100 retailers across the country and of course, online.  Teeny-boppers looking for scant offerings for the club will have to look elsewhere, but the classy, stylish full figured fashion lover will appreciate Kiyonna's line of dresses for special events. Their prices are in line for evening wear in that you could easily find the same prices in other stores and online. The sale section has a bit of everything, but again it's the best place to start the search just to see if you can get a super deal on one of their delightful dresses. Be on the lookout for a review of my Kiyonna experience coming soon.

If you've heard of and purchased from some or all on the list, let me know about your experience. If you haven't heard of or shopped any these sites, do hop on over and peruse the many offerings of fine, full figured/plus size special occasion garb for your upcoming social event of the season. More lists of my favorites are on the way so stay tuned! And if you have a favorite shop that's not on the list, tell me about that too.  We're in this together friends!


Disclosure: This list was assembled by the author with no sponsorship, acknowledgement, and/or participation of the vendors listed. All opinions are solely that of this blogger/frequent shopper.


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