Monday, August 10, 2015

Blogger Without a Cause...Sort of

OK, so a quick review.  I'm Kareem. I'm a plus size fashionista. I like to dress really like to do it. I like to look great in my clothes. I love affordability, but can also appreciate spending a small fortune for quality clothing. I like to be as comfortable in gown as I am in jeans and a t-shirt. I don't have a major platform I'm trying to promote.  I like comfortable shoes but realize that's an oxymoron!

What one thing do you remember about the list above? Yes, this is a test!

See... it just hit me a little while ago... I came into this game without a coach or team.
I'm a free agent.

I'm just roaming around trying to be an inspiration to my big beautiful sisters worldwide. I thought that was enough.  Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't.

Not long after I began following more plus size related pages on social media, I quickly realized that becoming a blogger meant carving out a niche in this community. Not that that's a bad thing at all. But recently, it became a little more clear that not only do you need to know your target audience from the perspective of what you're trying to help them purchase (if that is in fact your might be just trying to become IG famous or whatever), you may also need to let me know where you stand on body positivity, size diversity, society's treatment of plus size women, and the fashion industry's treatment of the plus size population (both women and men).

This may be par for the course for some bloggers and if so, kudos! Go for it and good for you! But I've found myself asking "is it possible to simply blog about fashion and not become an activist of any sort?" Why does it seem that so many plus size bloggers have to take up a cause? Is the pressure to do so from within the plus size blogging community, the fashion industry, society at large or all three? Does it just come with the territory? And the biggest question - is it the same for the our straight size blogger counterparts?

Please, please, please (channeling James Brown for a sec) don't get me wrong. I'm in no way knocking anyone who started blogging specifically to address certain topics in the plus size community. Or any "community" for that matter. Clearly this is not about blog bashing and if you were thinking that, stop it now! It's more just a pondering of whether one can become a successful blogger and/or maintain a popular blog simply by sticking to the script. If all I do on this here lil' blog is do my best to bring you formal fashion from various price points for the variety of body shapes that make up this beautiful bountiful commune of full figured voluptuous fashion lovers...will that be enough?

I spoke on the #curvy ban on IG a while back only because it moved me (or should I say irritated me), and I may speak out on a different issue if the mood hits me. Every post is bound to have a little something that's meant to make you think, feel, and be inspired to be the big bella donna (beautiful lady) you are.

But should I never raise the battle flag again on a hot topic, I just hope that what I am talking about will be enough to keep your attention. Because I might not talk about the abuse we often suffering growing up plus size (nice way of saying 'fat'). Or the shame some still feel because of their endless battle with weight. I may never speak of the fashion industry's need to situate store floor plans to ensure that we who wear above a certain size are constantly reminded that we can't sit with the thin chicks (read: our section is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay in the back of the store, if it's in there at all). Nope. I'm not gonna talk about it. And you can't make me!


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