Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How To Paint the Town Red: In the Spotlight

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Ruby Red. Firecracker Red. Candy Apple Red. It's all red-dy to party!  There's a reason the color red elicits a feeling of excitement and energy whenever you see it. It's also no wonder it's commonly used to get us to stop and stare (think traffic signal...stop sign...).

Well when your wearing this In The Spotlight gown from Sydney's Closet, folks will definitely stop...and glare with glee!

This "hug your curves in all the right ways" dress is not one for the timid. You wear this dress with confidence or not at all. Why? Well, the name says it...you'll be in the spotlight! You'll want to be sure you can handle the attention you'll receive as you saunter through the room in the ravishing red beauty.

This gown will speak to your inner Jessica Rabbit. Remember how that animated sultry siren was adorned in a body hugging ruby red, sequinned gown?  I mean don't get me wrong she's was a cartoon character and all, but she's one of the most memorable ones simply because of how she was drawn to...well...draw in.  Draw in the stares of the bubbling characters of the movie she was in as well as the viewers who imagined they'd one day meet a real life J. Rabbit. (Am I dating myself here? Do you even know what movie I'm referring to yet?)

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You'll be making moves of your own in this stunning dress that holds you like a warm hug and make you feel like you look at hot as sun. This is a fun gown! A party dress with class and style still intact. It's available in sizes 14-30 (I'm wearing a size 20) and comes in two other colors (black and purple), but if you're gearing up for the formal holiday parties coming your way, go festive and go red!

Once again I went with the less is more school of thought with regards to accessories. When a dress has a beaded bodice, I'm inclined to count that that as my main accessory, so everything else is just an accent on that detail. You really won't need much with this dress in the away of 'extras'. I'm pictured with a sideswiping hairstyle, but an classic updo would be 100% appropriate with this lovely garment. You'll want something that shows off the halter style though. You could also go a tad bit softer or bolder with the makeup. The dress can definitely handle either direction.  Point is be creative, have fun, but keep it classy because this gown deserves it.

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Sydney's Closet hit the mark with this dress by taking away any excuse that not allow women with curves the opportunity to rock those curves in form flattering, timeless, chic design. If you're shopping for you next jaw-dropper, take a gander at this gorgeous gown and put yourself in the spotlight! Remember to let them know you saw the dress on Big Bella Donna Fashion, and come back to let me you know how you liked it!


The company featured in this post sent me their product as gift in exchange for my review.  All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience with the product. No affiliate links are featured in this post.


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