Thursday, August 6, 2015

So This Happened When I Went to Nordstrom....

In the fitting room at Nordstrom
I follow the Plus Model Magazine blog so when I saw the post for the Adrianna Papell dress at Nordstrom, I decided to head on over to check it out since I was shopping for a wedding next month. I ended up skipping over the dress from the blog post (unfortunately I didn't see it until I was checking out) but I did find a few great picks that piqued my interest. Partly because they were cute & appropriate for the affair, but mostly because of my favorite four letter S word - SALE (or reduced in their terms).

I liked all of these dresses for reasons as different as the dresses themselves. The first dress was fun and sparkly, which I absolutely love. But it made my already wide hips look even wider and though I'm not ashamed of them or anything, I just wasn't feeling them in this number.

Pretty in pink in the Nordstrom fitting room

Partial side view
The powder pink gown was nice, but it was too formal for the semi-formal wedding I'm attending. It looked more like a bridesmaid dress or a dress for a formal affair as opposed to one that I'd feel comfortable wearing as a wedding guest. A note: do be a considerate wedding guest when it comes to your wardrobe. It may seem trite, but what you wear does make a difference in the grand scheme of things...not only to you but to the bridal party.  Think "lifelong memories captured on film". Be mindful of the style, theme, time of day/year/season & overall flow of the event. I just think it goes a long way when folks can tell that you cared enough about them to be aware of how you'll play into the scenic backdrop of their very special day.

Cobalt cutie
Anywho, back to shopping...I loved the color of the last dress but as you can tell from my face I wasn't won over by the dress itself. I'm happy to report that I did find an awesome frock to wear to the occasion next month and I absolutely love it! Of course, I'll feature it in all its glory here on BBD. For now check out my video from Periscope and remember to follow me if you're on the 'scope so you can catch me live in action!


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