Monday, September 14, 2015

It's Fashion Week in New York...Plus This

Fashion, fashion, fashion.... and more fashion! The streets of NYC are alive with celebrities, fashion industry legends, MUAs, stylists, models, and fashion lovers alike all buzzing around the city going to various fashion shows and presentations during this year's Fashion Week.  Every September, New York City turns into the fashion mecca (well, it actually always is) where anyone who wears clothes, designs clothes, sells clothes, has every seen clothes or knows how to spell the word fashion (thought I was going to say clothes, didn't you?) converges into tents, showrooms, and other spaces designed to display the hottest trends for the upcoming season, in this case spring/summer 2016.

This year, the team at Manik Magazine took on the massive endeavor of showcasing plus size designers simultaneously during the traditional fashion week. The creators and founders of NYFW Plus, Ms. Selina Weekes and Ms. Brandee Joyner, worked through the proverbial "blood, sweat, & tears" to make their vision a reality. NYFW Plus was born out of the desire to bring up & coming and established plus size fashion designers to the forefront during one of the most well known, celebrated times in the industry. The five day event brought together designers, models, industry insiders, and fashionistas from the plus size community.

I attended two days of the event, September 11 & 12.  On the evening of September 11, I witnessed the presentations of three designers - Eula Taylor, creator of Twelve26, Ava Jones creator of "Pheline" clothing line and Marco Hall, acclaimed designer of couture formal wear.

Designer Eula Taylor
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Ms. Taylor's Twelve26 is a line of contemporary ready-to-wear clothing for the upscale, young professional as well as the sophisticated fashion diva. Ms. Taylor stated that the clothing displayed during Friday's showcase was inspired by the '60s. Her admiration of the fashionable influence of this era was evident in the styling, color scheme, and look of each piece featured in the showcase. For more on Eula Taylor and Twelve26 follow here on Facebook and Twitter.

Designer Ava Jones took a walk on the wild side with her design of her clothing. Designed to celebrate and showcase the curves of real women, the "Pheline" clothing line featured translucent white and ivory lace items that left very little to the imagination. But that's exactly what excited Ms. Jones about her designs. In speaking to her, she told me she wanted to highlight the curves that many women tend to want to cover up usually out of shame or embarrassment.

Her clothing is designed to bring attention to the beauty that lies within every curve of a woman's body. One would definitely have to be bold and "unbothered" to strut her stuff in some of Jones's designs. However, when the items were displayed together it had an ethereal feel to it. Click here to find out more on Ava Jones and her line.

The last (but certainly not least) designer of the evening's showcase was Mr. Marco Hall.  I must say I got excited when this designer's presentation began as I'd heard about his high-end formal wear. His showcase did not disappoint! Mr. Hall stated his designs were based on the movement of the textile he used for the presentation. Each item, with one shimmery exception, had a pan-Asian aesthetic and a floral print.

When I spoke with Mr. Hall and asked if he distinguished between straight and plus sizes since he creates clothing for both, he was emphatic that he makes zero distinction when designing his clothing. He said his clothes are for the "real woman" no matter what size she is. I, for one, am incredibly excited to see more of his work and plan to put my body in one or more of his pieces in the very near future. Follow Marco Hall on Facebook & IG to stay up-to-date on his gorgeous designs.

Designer Marco Hall
Stay tuned for part two of my review of NYFW Plus and check out some of the shots below from my first night of attending the presentations.

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The review of the event, designers, and other entities mentioned in this post are solely the opinion of the author unless stated as a direct quoted by individual(s).


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