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NYFW Plus is Equal

Flowy Halter Dress from Curvaceous Boutique 
On my second day of attending the NYFW Plus 2015 fashion presentations (9/12/15) I showed up at what I thought was fashionably late, but ended up being early as they had changed the showtime by an hour. I wore this awesome, super comfy dress pictured here & shared this photo on my IG page with a caption that read similarly (re: being fashionably late). Side note - you're following @bigbelladonna on IG aren't you? You are right? Ok, good...thought so...

Figuring out what to wear to fashion shows can be a headache, for me at least, since I want to be equally fashion conscious, comfortable, and comfortable ... I said it twice because it's doubly important! I was happy with my choices on this trip as they were functional and fashionable. The dress is from Curvaceous Boutique and the belt is from Fashion to Figure. The dress worn as a top and the shoes are from Forever 21 and the leggings are from Joyce Leslie, where I recently started shopping after learning they carry plus sizes.

Top: Forever 21; Leggings: Joyce Leslie
So onto the the show! Though it was my second day attending, it was actually day four of presentations for the event itself. The show was held in the afternoon and featured two designers both with unique aesthetics.

First up was Brooke Journey by Tatiana Daniel. This designer featured her "Blossom" collection during her portion of NYFW Plus. She explained that the clothing was designed to be worn without extra support undergarments (i.e. Spanx, which I wrote about here in case you're interested). Ms. Daniel stated that the clothing was crafted mainly from spandex material which offered both stretch and hold for the plus size fashionista's curves.

Ms. Daniel also explained that the collection was designed to be able to mix and match the pieces with one another. There were skirt sets and pants sets with similar patterns or patterns that could work together which expanded the options of how to wear each outfit. The collection looked most suited for the fashion diva who likes colors, patterns, and showing off her 'curvitude'. For more on Brooke Journey's line, follow them on Facebook.

Next up were the designs of Ms. Phoeynx Reign. Her collection entitled "It's A Wrap" featured styles which she stated were inspired by her mother's and other family members' 'old school' fashion sense. She said it represented their sophistication and the ease in which the women of that day could just put on a wrap dress and walk out the door looking oh so fashionable. The collection had a vintage appeal with a vibrant color scheme apropos for spring/summer 2016. The designer is environmentally conscious and wildly creative in that she re-crafted paper to create the material she used for her clothing and accessories. So one can be fashion forward and kind to the Earth when sporting items from Ms. Reign's collection. To find out more on the designer and her 'green' (eco-friendly) clothing follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

In regards to NYFW Plus as a whole, I'm glad I took the opportunity to go and experience this groundbreaking event. The creators, Ms. Selina Weekes and Ms. Brandee Joyner were very candid about all the hard work it took to bring the event to life. Going up against the straight size industry at the busiest time of the year and biggest event of the season was surely no easy feat. But as I said in the is equal, right? At least that's what Lane Bryant is saying.  I'll leave my thoughts specifically about that campaign for another post, but as it relates to NYFW Plus being equal in the fashion game, I think they did a great job for the first time out the box and I believe they will take the lessons learned from this event to build an even better event next year.

See below for photos some of the work from Brooke Journey and Phoeynx Reign.  And be sure to check out part one of my NYFW Plus coverage if you missed it.

The review of the event, designers, and other entities mentioned in this post are solely the opinion of the author unless stated as a direct quoted by specific individuals.


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