Friday, September 11, 2015

Shaping Up: Let's Talk Shapewear

Spanx. Is this a swear word to you as plus size woman? Or is this source of comfort (or um, welcomed discomfort as some might see it) for your personal style?
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I had no idea of the ongoing controversy in the plus size community surrounding the use of shapewear and support undergarments. I was raised in home where "girdles" were a given. I come from a family of big women so I got all my curves honest as they say. I can't quite remember when exactly I started wearing girdles (or shapers or slimmers as they're now often called) but I'm sure it was as early as my mother saw fit to keep my wiggles from wigglin'. So it's been no biggie to me...wear a skirt or dress, wear a girdle (oh and a slip, but that's another post). Simple as that. My mom was old school and I have yet to become new school in this area.

Now I don't knock those who like to go girdle's clearly personal preference.  I guess what I'm most surprised about is the assumption that those of us who wear shapers are somehow trying to deny our bigness. As if, in my case at least, that's even remotely possible through the use of products like Spanx.  Spanx were created by Sara Blakely. A visit to the website or a quick Google search for photos of Sara will show you she's anything but plus size.  Yet, many plus size/full figured women (and men) swear by her product. So what are we (plus size ladies) to think when a small framed woman creates something that so many of us might be ridiculed for using?  And this is despite the fact that many straight sized women use the very same product.

Me? I don't think about it! Or at least I didn't before seeing some posts on social media. Listen here...I'm here in the 'blogosphere' to help. In the process I might change a mind or two. That said, I'm absolutely not ashamed to wear girdles, slimmers, shapewear, smoothies (as my dear friend calls them) and you shouldn't be either. Wear them with pride sista!

girdles, girdle, shaper, shapewear, slimmers, hoisery, women's clothes

Here's my personal Spanx collection. My go-to is the Super High Footless shaper (orange package). I'm bottom heavy so it smooths out and brings in my thighs, bottom, and belly just enough to look clean & mean in a form-fitting dress. The next one on the list is Super High Power high waist shaper (pink package). I use this when I just want to be held snug and tight even though the dress I'm wearing might not be body-con. I bought the Higher Power Brief (blue package) to try it out with outfits in which I don't need any lower body hold, but more so around my waist. I can't say I love it as much as the other two, but it's done a sufficient job so I still rock with it.

Again, with all the talk about body positivity, size diversity, body confidence, etc., etc., don't let anyone tell you that you're wrong for wanting to look smooth and clean in your clothes. And if you want to let it roll (no shapewear)...well then, let it roll...let it roooolll...can't hold back any moooorree! Uh, sorry...Frozen moment!


Disclosure: This post was not sponsored, endorsed, or acknowledged by the vendors mentioned or showcased. I have not received compensation for this post. The clothing items were personally procured and the opinions and review are strictly my own. 

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