Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Best Dressed Wedding Guest

...OK, so that's probably not entirely true, but it sounded really good as a title!

This past Labor Day weekend, my husband and I attended the wedding of a very dear friend. We absolutely love going to weddings! It gives us a chance to re-live our special day by watching two people celebrate their love and begin their new life as husband and wife. It also gives us a chance to dress up which honestly we both love to do. My husband enjoys wearing a suit as much as I enjoy finding the perfect dress to wear to a special occasion.

I found this dress a month ago during a shopping trip to Nordstrom. I wrote about my endeavor to find a dress for the affair and even did a live Periscope session from the dressing room (click here for that post). I went to the store looking for a dress that was featured on PLUS Model Magazine's blog, but as is the case with most shopping trips I went for one thing and came out with something totally different!

I loved this Adrianna Papell dress from the moment I put it on. Now truth be told, I didn't like it so much when I saw it on the hanger, but I followed my mother's age old rule when shopping..."just try it on and see how it looks".

I'm so glad I followed this advice because in this case I ended finding the perfect dress for the wedding. It hit all the right marks for me... it was long (which my hubby also loves), a great color, form flattering and greatest of all...it was on sale!

The hardest part was finding shoes to go with the dress, but I eventually found a pair at Macy's. They were navy with sparkles and a kitten heel and get this...they were also on sale! I paid $20 for them! (*happy dance*)  I didn't have them on in these pictures because I just can't stay in any heel for too long and by the time these shots were taken we were well into the reception and party was about to jump off!

The dress wore well for the entire evening. I didn't have any complaints as I sat through the ceremony (which ended up being outdoors in the late afternoon heat...whew!) to the cocktail hour (which was fantastic) through the rest of reception. I believe this is a critical element to consider when selecting a dress for a formal occasion.  You simply must think about how long you'll be able to tolerate wearing the dress throughout the affair. If you're uncomfortable in the outfit for almost any reason at time during the event (barring some unforeseen emergency), you probably chose the wrong dress for the occasion. When you try on a dress, give it a test drive in the fitting room. Sit down if there's a bench or stool.

Then stand up and sit down again...see how it feels when you do that a couple of times since you'll probably do it more than a few times during your event. Move around or do a little dance a little if you have to, if dancing will be involved. But don't break or sweat or anything...if you don't buy the item, you don't want to funk it up for the next fashionista!!

Anywho, I was very happy with the dress with one tiny exception. And I'm sharing this so you won't have to feel the pain that I did when I saw photos that were taken during the evening.

I didn't think it needed any alterations since the dress was almost a perfect fit (it is a size 20). There was a little room in the bodice, which I figured I could fix with a pin or double-sided tape. The pin did fix the issue with the closure around the cleavage, but I failed to realize that there was a bra peek-a-boo when I lifted my arms. It didn't show in every shot, but there were a few pictures where I cringed because I saw my undergarments. An absolute no-no in my book!  So please learn from my mistake and during the test drive in the fitting room "raise your hands in the air & wave them like you just don't care"...only you do care, because you'll want to be sure nothing is showing that's not supposed to show.

So that's it...the wedding was beautiful, my friend looked gorgeous, the hubs and I had a wonderful time and I looked great through it all.  Mission accomplished!

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