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Four Plus Size Formalwear Sources at a Mall Near You

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With the holidays drawing closer and closer, most of us will soon find ourselves shopping virtually nonstop for weeks at a time. Many will be shopping for gifts for loved ones, but some of us will also be on the hunt for the perfect party dress.

If you're a plus size beauty who's not so enamored with shopping online for a variety of reasons and you insist on shopping in person, try these four stores if you're looking for full figured formal wear at your local mall:

If you haven't stopped by the formal wear section of Macy's you're missing out. I can't recall exactly when I discovered that the store offered plus size evening wear, but I know I've gone to Macy's to shop for formal dresses since I've been married & going to more fancy shindigs so that makes it at least 10 years. The women's plus size formal wear can be a little matronly so if that's not your style, you may have to do a little searching to find a number that doesn't make you feel older than you are. But it's still very much worth the trip as you might find a hidden jewel that'll be perfect for you.

Now, I've just started shopping for formal fashion at Nordstrom. It wasn't initially on my list of go-to stores, but that was because of my ill-conceived notion that the store didn't cater to the plus size community. I know I'm not the only out there who writes off a store as 'anti-plus size' without first doing a background check! It's actually bad habit and I've since learned to do the legwork rather than making assumptions (something we all should do more often in general). I wrote about my first purchase from Nordstrom in this post and reviewed the shopping experience here. It certainly won't be my last purchase from the store and it's definitely won a spot on my list for formal wear shopping.

Lane Bryant (LB) definitely carries dresses that could be worn to the right formal occasion. Not every event calls for sparkles and 25 foot trains! Sometimes you can find a very nice dress at this plus size fashion staple store that can be jazzed up with the right pair of shoes and jewelry. Again, just as with any store you have to go the right one (not every LB is created pun intended with their ongoing #plusisequal campaign). I've found the units in the malls often have more in stock than those in the strip malls. Now of course you could always shop online since the store offers some beautiful online only exclusive items, but if you're a part of the aforementioned online shopping avoiders, you'll want to visit the nearest LB to see if you can find something that will fit the bill for your upcoming event. And let's all keep an eye out for the company's partnership with awesome fashion designer Christian Siriano. I absolutely cannot wait to see what's in store for that collaboration!

Fashion To Figure (FTF) is one of my anytime, all the time go-to stores. I just dig the overall style of the store, and even though I can't get with every body-clinging, form fitting, freak'em dress they carry, I'm typical able to walk away happy after a visit. On a recent trip to the store last weekend, I pretty much wanted everything I laid my eyes on. But I was a good girl and wanted to keep my wallet happy, so I just picked up a few pieces to freshen my fall wardrobe while I was making mental notes of what I was going back for! Again, this may be a store that you've not yet heard of or wouldn't think to go to it for formal wear, but definitely put it on your list to check out. I'd say you could surely find something to work with for holiday parties, fall weddings, and other events where chic & sophisticated are on the dress code. I'll be featuring some of the goodies I got last week in an upcoming post so stay tuned!

As always this list represents some of my personal go-to spots, but if yours aren't listed do share the deets on where you go to find affordable, ready to wear, formal fashion. Each one, teach one!


Disclosure: This list was assembled by the author with no sponsorship, acknowledgement, and/or participation of the vendors listed. All opinions are solely that of this blogger/frequent shopper.

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