Thursday, November 26, 2015

Five Plus Size Must Haves for Black Friday Shopping

Suede "Over The Knee" boots from Lane Bryant
Over The Knee Boots
Because: big girls have knees and we like boots to go over them. It’s not like these are a new phenomenon or anything, but this type of boot is pretty inescapable this season. And the great news is that more shoe designers are offering OTK boots in wide calf and width, so…winning! Lane Bryant, Torrid, and Charlotte Russe are down with the cause so check out their selection of knee covering beauties.

Tulle Skirt from Eloquii
Tulle Skirts
If you ever wanted to be a ballerina but didn’t want to spend the countless hours, weeks, months, & years of practice, fret not! You’ll have your opportunity to twirl and spin to your heart’s content in your new tulle skirt. Whether short or long, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one of your go-to plus size shops selling these popular sheer skirts to pair up with your favorite pair of heels or ballerina flats. This skirt by Eloquii would be perfect for your upcoming holiday party.

These are essentially a fall staple so it you haven’t picked one (or three) up yet, what are you waiting for? The selection of colors and styles are endless and you can virtually find them in anywhere except perhaps the grocery store. And if you do find a food market selling them, just go ahead and throw it in your cart!

Black Fringe Dress from Lane Bryant
Like tulle skirts and ponchos, fringe fever is everywhere. Purses, boots, skirts, shirts…you name it, you can find it with fringe. Again, it’s not necessarily a new fashion favorite but one that’s definitely still trending heavy for the season. Find your favorite fringe at Torrid, Ashley Stewart, and Fashion To Figure.

Adele's "25"
“25” by Adele
Throwing this in for good measure! Forget the 12 days of Christmas countdown…Adele thinks you need 25 new ways to miss your ex or even miss your imaginary ex if you’re in a dry spell. She's still singing love songs for lost love & being the best at it. The Queen of “I’m so sorry for what I did, but if I sing really pretty will you come back to me?” came back with an instant hit for those who eagerly awaited her return after a three year hiatus. Wine…check…tissues…check. Friends on speed dial in case it gets too intense? Check, check, & check.

Honestly, these things are simply must haves 'just because', never mind the holidays. But in case you've been teetering back & forth trying to decide if you really, really want/need these things I thought I'd help out by pushing you into the store yelling "just get it already!"

Happy shopping!

This post is not sponsored by any of the vendors listed. There are no affiliate links featured in this post.


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