Monday, November 23, 2015

Four Things I Learned About Symphony Attire

The obligatory "serious" pose
*in my Sophia Petrillo voice*

Picture it...Philadelphia, November 2015. It was cold autumn night. The air was crisp. The sky was dark. The city lights were bright.  The hustle & bustle of evening was evident by the cars lined up & down Broad Street. The night was young and filled with theatre-goers eager to be entertained. The Agostinis themselves were getting ready to swept away into a Winter Dream...

I absolutely LOVE Golden Girls and I love going to the Symphony, so when I could mix the two in written form, why the heck not?

On Saturday evening, my hubby and I went to hear the Philadelphia Orchestra present their offering of Tchaikovsky's Winter Dream. Lead by the renown, highly sought Italian conductor Gianandrea Noseda, this historic and beloved assembly of uber-talented musicians filled the halls of the Kimmel Center with their highly refined sounds from pristine instruments working together magnificently.

Have you ever been to the Symphony? Have you ever been transported to a wondrous destination without ever leaving your seat? I personally believe there's nothing quite like the feeling you get hearing a live orchestra. It's like a movie soundtrack being recorded right before your eyes.

Now we can smile...
So what does one wear to the Symphony? In times past, the evening was an occasion for folks to dress up in their fanciest of fancy formal wear ready to see & be seen. Nowadays, the dress code has relaxed a bit given the diversity of attendees at the event. Here are four things I learned about what to wear to hear beautiful music:

Love, love, love my Gabby dress from Curvaceous Boutique
  • Dress comfortably for sitting. You'll be sitting for most of the event (except intermission) so this is truly a consideration, at least for me. Some dresses feel differently when seated versus standing. This is why (if you don't already do this) you should sit down when you try on a dress to see if you can stand sitting (I'm so darn creative) in it.
  • Wear what you want...but wear what everyone else is wearing. This means consider for a moment if you'll stick out because your outfit is so gorgeous or because you look you're going to compete in a pageant...or worse, going to a basketball game. Be you, but be appropriate.
  • You can't go wrong with a dress. As I said, we no longer see tuxes and gowns galore. But most women I saw that evening opted for their favorite cute dress & heels.  That said...
  • People didn't come to look at you. Seriously...everyone's there to be swept away by the awesome music. So don't stress over it. 
I only remember what I saw two women wearing and not because they're outfits wowed me or anything. It's more so because I saw one woman twice within a short period and I stood next to, chatted with, and ultimately sat in the same row as the other lady. They both wore short dresses, one wearing solid color and the other choose a floral pattern.

I decided to go with my favorite go to outfit for a night out - a black, long, COMFORTABLE dress and shoes. I purchased this dress from Curvaceous Boutique which has become one of my favorite places to shop. Now let me pause to tell you this...I have four, count'em, four of these dresses including the black one pictured here. To say I love the Gabby style dress would definitely be an understatement. I simply can't get enough of it, and if you're asking yourself "why would she have four of the same dress?" one. Then come at me...

I was in good company and totally appropriate in my attire for the evening, and since the hubs & I continued our night elsewhere following the Symphony, I totally made the right choice by pairing the dress with my new Michael Kors leopard kitten heels from Macy's. It was a grand evening indeed.

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