Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How To Plan Early For Formal Affairs

So I bought this gown seven months prior to wearing it. How does that work? Here we go...

I originally purchased the dress for a gala I was set to attend in April. A series of events led me to choose a different dress on the night of the event. I was initially a little bummed that I didn't wear the gown that evening (read about that here), but knowing my life and my husband's social calendar (most things come from his end since they're work related) I knew I'd wear the dress sooner or later.

Enter this line: "Honey, we've been invited to a retirement party and it's a formal affair." Well, well, well...whaddya know?  I just so happened to have a dress for this auspicious occasion!

I didn't even have to get it altered as I'd done that earlier in the year when I initially planned to wear it. So all I had to do was match the shoes and accessories (which for me includes my hairstyle of choice) and I was ready to go!  I tried to find a wrap to cover my arms not because I'm ashamed of them or anything, but because I knew I'd get cold at some point in the evening. That proved to be nearly impossible since I couldn't find one that matched the color of the dress. And though I would have gone with a silver-ish color, I didn't care for any of the styles I saw in the stores. So I went sans covering and used my fancy poncho for warmth when I got chilly during the event.

The dress was a perfect for choice for the party last Friday (Oct. 30), which was essentially a wedding reception without the wedding...the food, atmosphere, and flow of the night was indeed celebratory!  I absolutely love the idea of throwing yourself a retirement party and making it a formal affair.  The honoree of the night outdid herself with a whopping four dress changes! She truly enjoyed her night of celebration.

The dress held up for the short time we were there (about three hours) and gave me everything I needed to feel beautiful. We didn't bring along our pro camera so my hubby just snapped a few pics with my phone so I could finally showcase this lovely lady (my apologies for not getting a close up of the shoes, but they were cute sparkling pumps from Call It Spring which are currently on clearance...grab'em girl!). Quick recap of deets below:

Designer: ALYCE Paris
Purchased from: Jan's Boutique
Size: 20
Style: Sweetheart neckline, chiffon
Where I wore it: Black tie retirement party
Where I'd wear it: Any formal attire occasion
When I'd wear it:  Year-round; the color and style works for any season

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