Saturday, December 26, 2015

Holiday Recap featuring Rebdolls, Kiyonna, Lane Bryant & Sydney's Closet

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Holiday celebrations are winding down, but perhaps you've still got a party or two to attend before year ends and you're searching like crazy for the perfect dress or gown that make you feel & look your absolute best. I've compiled a quick recap of the festive looks showcased in the most recent posts. I've started off with the "Wild Life" dress from GarnerStyle for Rebdolls. Check out the won't be disappointed! Read more about the dress in my previous post.

kiyonna dress, desert rain dress, kiyonna desert dress

Next up is Kiyonna! This is the beautiful "Desert Rain Maxi Dress" from their awesome collection of maxidresses. It comes in three colors and last I checked they were selling out fast, so if you like get it while the getting is good! Here's more about this dress.

lane bryant sequin skirt, sequin skirt

lane bryant, lane bryant ribbed top, lane bryant leggings

I had a great time with this sparkly sequin skirt from Lane Bryant. I also showed another fun option from LB with an oversized top and leggings outfit. Truth be told, these outfits could be worn to any celebration at any time of the year, so if don't box yourself in by thinking they're just for the holidays! Check out the original post for more on these two looks.

And finally, this photo features Sydney's Closet and Lane Bryant in one shot. I did full review of this gown when I attended a gala in November (also check out these lovely offerings from Sydney's Closet). While there I met this lovely lady named Mazda Miles (don'tcha love that name?!) who I caught up with as I was heading back into the ballroom. I asked her if we could have a quick chat about her dress choice for the evening. 

To sum it up, she went to Lane after unsuccessful attempts at finding a formal dress from her usual online resources. This dress fit the bill for the evening because it was formal, yet comfortable and ready to she added that she loved that she could wear her cute turquoise heels with the outfit.

I love meeting and chatting with my fellow full figured sisters! We are just as diverse as any other 'community' out there and that's what makes us special. If you ever see me out & about, please stop and say hello!

I hope you're having a wonderful holiday season and I can't wait to showcase more fun & formal plus size fashion for you in 2016. 

This post was not sponsored by the vendors showcased. No affiliate links are featured in the post. 

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