Saturday, January 9, 2016

7 Plus Size Designers To Try In 2016

Ladies, start to you wallets!

It's the first month of a new year and you're still compiling lists of new things to do over the next 366 days (it's a leap year in case you didn't know). Well how about joining me in trying several plus size designers and retailers for fashion loving, full figured gals like us.

I've just recently found some of these vendors and others I've known about for a little while, but haven't tried yet. Either way, I'm going to make it my business to, well...give them some of my business this year! So in random order, here we go:

tru diva designs, veronica l, tru diva

I was first introduced to Tru Diva Designs during Full Figured Fashion Week 2015. I wrote about my experience attending my first fashion week event. Tru Diva Designs was awarded "Designer of the Year" during the Independent Designer fashion show. I enjoyed Ms. Veronica L.'s designs coming down the runway and I've been keeping track ever since the summer. I love supporting indie designers and intend to feature Tru Diva very soon on the blog.

zelie for she, zelie for she dress, zelie for she collage

Zelie For She has beautiful, vibrant clothing that looks uber-comfortable. I've been eyeing a few pieces for a while, but even if I miss those I can tell more great things will be in store soon. The clothing makes me want to go stand in the sun, so maybe I'll wait until winter's over so I can take advantage of the California vibes the outfits are sending through the screen!

swak designs dress, seal with a kiss, swak design plus size

Swak Designs has a wide selection of sporty, casual and dressy items. They too look super comfortable, which (if you couldn't tell) is a major selling point for me. When I look at a dress I immediately rate the comfort level with a 1 being "I will die the moment I put it on" to a 10 being "I want to sleep in it for four days straight". I'm sure I'll find something near a 10 when I take the plunge with Swak. 

grass-fields, grass fields skirts, grass-fields clothes

Grass-Fields is a purveyor of gorgeous African print skirts and dresses. Simply put, I want every skirt on the site! But since that's completely unrealistic, I'll settle for the few I intend to purchase later this year most likely for spring & summer attire. 

society plus, society plus clothes,

Society Plus offers on-trend, affordable & stylish plus size clothing ranging from casual to funky formal (my newly created favorite term). It just looks like a great place to get some fun pieces for date nights, GNOs and other festive events. 

I love the story and inspiration behind Smart Glamour. They have beautiful pieces and the fact they seek to be inclusive and well balanced from sizing standpoint is enough to make me want to support their efforts. Stay tuned to the blog for a Smart Glamour feature soon. 

eleven 60, eleven 60 plus, kierra sheard, eleven 60 kierra sheard

Last but not least, we have Eleven60 by well-known gospel artist turned fashion designer Kierra Sheard. Kierra did soft launch for her new high fashion line last summer. As a long time curvynista herself, she said she desired to offer fashionable apparel that catered to every "body". Thus far, her line has been hit among BBW all over with high anticipation as to what's coming up next in the collection. 

Let me know if you've already tried anyone on the list and what you thought about the clothing. Or if you have some other favorite indies, put me on to them...sharing is caring!

This post was not sponsored by the vendors showcased. No affiliate links are featured in the post. 


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