Monday, January 4, 2016

Five Fashion Resolutions For 2016

We're four days into the new year and off to a good's finally starting to feel like winter up here in the northeast and that means I can now take full advantage of my winter wardrobe.

So as with each new year, resolutions are popping up everywhere and everyone's announcing what major changes they plan to make in 2016. I'm not big on resolutions and pretty much play each year by ear (oh how my poetic abilities never cease to amaze me), but I decided to take a stab at making some changes to my approach to fashion, particularly since I've started sharing my personal style with the world.

Now maybe you've been wearing some or all of these items for years and wondering why I'm so late to the party. Well I'm just sharing how my little corner of the world is evolving so just be a team player & go along with it, k? Here are five fashion resolutions I'm making this year. I resolve to:

Wear more pencil skirts.
Forever 21 'Scalloped Crochet Pencil Skirt'

Until last month, I totally avoided pencil skirt on account of my belly and butt (too blunt?). I'd just resolved (ha!) that I would never wear them as I was convinced they weren't the right fit for my shape. But after seeing so many fellow big booty bellas rocking the wheels off some of the oh-so-fly pencil skirt offerings out there I decided to go ahead and take the plunge. Thankfully I like what I saw when I put one on and now have a growing collection in my closet. Go me! I further resolve to...

Wear pencil dresses.
Rebdolls Long Sleeve Midi Dress

Also in my 'pencil box' are the likewise named dresses. I had refrained from wearing these for much of the very same reason as the skirts, but I recently purchased a dress just like the one pictured and my mind was changed for the better. Now I will say that I still favor A-line full, flowing dresses when compared to the straight, sleek style. But I'm willing to add one or two more of these to my closet if the look and fit is anything close to the Rebdolls beauty I just bought. Onto to the next fashion resolution which is a two-for-one. I resolve to...

Wear more pattern and midi dresses.

Rue 107 'Nya Floral Off the Shoulder' Dress

I lean toward solid colors for the majority of my wardrobe, typically avoiding a lot prints and patterns no matter how much I like them. But this year, I'm going to add some vibrant patterns to my closet and quite possibly in the form of midi dresses which I also just started wearing late last year. I like my dresses on the floor so if I can see my ankles I start to get a little squeamish. While maxidresses will undoubtedly outnumber the midis, there'll be a few select ones that will make the cut and will surely be showcased on the blog. They might just be featured with my fourth fashion resolution which is to...

Wear colorful tights.
lane bryant tights
Lane Bryant 

Love them or hate them, colorful hues of red, brown, black, and gray show up plenty in the winter. I used to poo poo this rainbow of hosiery, but now I get it. I'm expanding my collection to include a few warm colors that I plan to wear with pencil skirts and shirt dresses (a bonus on the list as I plan to wear more of these this winter). Don't worry, I won't go too crazy with colors...but I do plan to live a little! Lastly, I resolve to...

Wear more jumpsuits.
fashion to figure jumper, fashion to figure purple jumpsuit, jumpsuit
Fashion To Figure Solace Draped Jumpsuit

Given my aforementioned B & B challenge (belly & booty) I've stayed away from jumpsuits (jumpers) this past year despite seeing so many that I would have loved to wear. (Yes, I have hang me a woman who doesn't and we're probably looking at a headless mannequin.) Buuuutt, I just found a cute little jumpsuit from Fashion To Figure that I'll be featuring in a post soon. Since I love how it looks on me, I've decided to try out a few more this year especially if I'm swooning over one in particular.

So that's it for me...thus far! The great thing about resolutions is that you really can make them anytime of year. But you already knew that didn't you? Don't fall prey to the misconception that the new year is the best or only time to take stock in your life. Maybe it's something as small as styling choices or maybe it's a significant step (jump) in a different direction. Whatever it is do it because you want or need to, but not because you feel you need to keep up with Tonya, Dita & Hannah (sisters of Tom, Dick & Harry). 

Share below if you've decided to make some fashion resolutions...maybe I'll join in with you for moral support! ;-)

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