Monday, January 11, 2016

How To Wear Winter Whites

white rebdolls dress, rebdolls white dress, plus size white dress

white plus size dress, white rebdolls dress, rebdolls white dress
Oh winter whites!  Winter certainly has its fans and its foes (those who don't like it much, but can't avoid it). But with fashion it's just another reason to break out your favorite seasonal items such as sweaters, tights, and boots. I think every season carries with it a color scheme and for January I always think of winter whites...mostly likely because of the snow that eventually comes and blankets everything in glistening white.

So in this first edition of my "mini" series of winter whites, I'm featuring the Rebdolls "One More Time" dress and "Love Sick" dress from their Grisel collection. I'm not usually a fan of the ruched look or the straight body-con style, but something about these dresses drew me to them. I guess one could say the models did their jobs well!

rebdolls white dress

Although the dresses are both indeed white, they actually have a slightly different hue when placed side by side. The ruched dress actually looks a bit off white when compared to the turtleneck dress. But as you can see, they both photograph as snowy white. It's just something I thought noteworthy. And it goes to show that there are shades of white (or every color for that matter) which we will explore more later in future posts.

I have to say I really stepped out of my comfort zone with these dresses. I don't typically do all white garments and as I mentioned I don't normally go for body-con or ruching but I've done all three here! See what blogging does to you? It makes you throw caution to the wind and dare to do what you might have thought you couldn't do...and not only could I do three new things in my fashion playbook, I think I did a pretty great job. *pats self on back*

rebdolls white dress, plus size white dress

white rebdolls dress, rebdolls white dress, plus size white dress

Given last night's Golden Globes award show, I'm right on trend with my winter white looks. Though I wouldn't rock them at my next red carpet event, I think these dresses would be perfect for winter parties, weddings, concerts or shows, date nights, or church anniversaries/celebrations. I got them during Rebdolls' end of year sale, but they're still pretty affordable and they both come in different colors if you're not necessarily feeling the white.

*Style note: Both of these dresses are turtleneck style and they are true to their form. The neck portion is very snug. Keep this in mind when putting on either dress with a 'beat' face (make up)

Dress 1: Rebdolls "One More Time" (wearing a 4x)
Dress 2: Rebdolls "Love Sick" (wearing a 4x)
Silver/gold iridescent shoes: Chinese Laundry found at DSW
Black & sliver teardrop necklace: Target
Silver & gold two toned necklace: Lane Bryant

Let me know which look you'd rock!

This post was not sponsored by the vendors showcased. No affiliate links are featured in the post. 


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