Monday, January 18, 2016

Winter Whites with Rebdolls "Love Struck"

peplum white dress, plus size white dress, rebdolls white dress

So tell do you feel about peplum? Some love it, others hate it. It's inescapable either way since so many designers use the style in their clothing. The style is somewhat controversial (if you can believe that) because some in the plus size community feel it's meant to camouflage the tummy area. Perhaps that's true, but what does it mean when someone who doesn't have much of a tummy wears a peplum shirt or dress?

Not much I'd say because it's just a style...that's all. It's okay to just like something for what it is and nothing else. (That's a thing, you know.) If you do like peplum shirts & dresses because they cover your mid-section that's perfectly fine.

I don't own a lot of peplum style items, but I love the few I have in my closet. Miss 'Love Struck' is the latest edition. I got this in my mini haul from Rebdolls (see the other dresses in my previous post) when I settled on doing winter whites for this month. This was actually the first dress I bought to start my white collection. How could I resist it? I just thought it was so cute!

white plus size dress, plus size peplum dress, rebdolls white dress

plus size white dress, rebdolls white dress

plus size white dress, white plus size peplum dress

As I always I like to tell you where I'd wear the look - cocktail parties, date nights, winter semi-formal events (semi-formal affair teeters the line between gowns and fancy party dresses, and usually you see a spectrum of either at these events), church functions (with a cami underneath if it comes down too much up top), charity events and of course white parties, which don't pop up as much in the winter but it could happen! Final details to follow...if you love the look, don't forget to share and comment below!


*Style note: This dress is mostly cotton so its lightweight and breathable. It has plenty of stretch, but be careful about size. I'm wearing a 3x; a 4x might have given me a little more room but given how the top half came down on me it definitely would have been unwearable without something underneath.

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