Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Anniversary Edition with Kiyonna

kiyonna peplum top, kiyonna white top, plus size peplum top

kiyonna white top, kiyonna peplum top, kiyonna white peplum top, plus size peplum top

All month long I'm celebrating the one year anniversary of Big Bella Donna Fashion! I cannot believe it's already been a year since I started my blogger journey. Time has truly flown by! Technically, the anniversary is on March 30 which is the day I posted my first entry in 2015. Talk about taking a leap of faith! I'm still finding my path in this blogging world but the wonderful thing is that it's totally fine to be on an exploration while folks are along for the ride with you. That's how we all learn and grow with the help of our 'village'.

For this anniversary edition, I'm wearing an absolutely lovely peplum top from Kiyonna. This, my friends, is what I call "classic Kareem". First off, black & white...classic. Hair pulled back & pinned up...classic. Simple accessories...classic. There is absolutely nothing like keeping it timeless, effortless and super chic.

This Pretty Peplum Mesh Top will no doubt become a go-to favorite primarily because of it's versatility. I paired it with a dress-turned-skirt to make it formal affair ready. Tell me where you couldn't wear this look? Regal, elegant, sophisticated...shall I continue? You could easily pair this top with black pants if you're not feeling the skirt option. And as far as my trick of making a dress a skirt it's really not that hard. It just didn't work on me as a dress but I folded down the top, then did a tuck here and a tuck there and there you have it...a totally gorgeous skirt!

A great top is the beginning of a great outfit. This top can go with virtually anything so you shouldn't have any trouble finding a bottom that will make it a killer combo at your next fancy party. Comment below & let me know how you'd rock your pretty peplum!

kiyonna peplum top, kiyonna white top, plus size peplum top, kiyonna white peplum top

kiyonna white top, kiyonna white peplum top, kiyonna peplum top, plus size peplum top

Top: Pretty Peplum Mesh Top by Kiyonna (wearing 2x)
Skirt: converted dress from my closet

*Styling notes: This shirt is designed with a V-neck front and back. Keep that in mind when styling your look, particularly your hairstyle as you may want to do an updo to show off the back of the top. It's got a snug fit so keep this in mind also when selecting a size.

The company featured in this post sent me their product in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience with the product. No affiliate links are featured.


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