Sunday, April 10, 2016

Event Coverage: Philly Small Business Fashion Week 2016 Couture Show

I figured if I looked at you all with a soft, sweet expression on my face you'd forgive me for not being able to catch all of the Couture Show, the last showcase during Philly Small Business Fashion Week. Did it work?

See what had happen was...(you know it's about to be good right?)...I hadn't been feeling well earlier in the day so I didn't know if I was going to make it all. But! I persevered because not only did I not want to miss it for myself, I definitely wanted to cover it for my readers. So I made it to the second half which was chock full of goodies on the runway. I was even in a video y'all!! 

Neef Buck (of State Property fame) recorded his some of his new music video "Pretty Girl" and debut his fashion line "Forever Do Me" during the show. The line featured street wear such as hoodies, t-shirts, hats and other ready to wear items. Other special guests were in attendance including Anthony Henderson, fashion stylist for the Philadelphia Daily News. I was able to catch up with him as we were both on our way out of the show which he said he really enjoyed & his favorites were Classic Royalty, Landa Styles Collection and Clavon's Wear. I enjoyed these collections as well. I also thought Dajon J sent some nice work down the runway.

Despite missing some of the show, we (well my photographer hubby) took TONS of photos of the designers we did catch on the runway. I'd need to do no less than 10 individual posts to get all the shots in...I shot down that idea quickly, but here are a few shots & a short video to give you a taste of what was shown during the evening. 

Designer Dajon J
Designer Dajon J
Designer Classic Royalty
Designer Landa Styles Collection

You can tell hard work & dedication when you see it. Dawane Cromwell and his team worked hard and were dedicated to giving the audience good shows during the week long event. Salute! Follow PSBFW on IG for more pictures from the week. Also check out some of the other shows I attended during week.


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