Monday, May 2, 2016

Life's Lemonade

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I promise I came up with this title well before Beyonce released her now famous similarly titled movie/video. Even though I've released this post a week or so after said video, I just want to go on record having said that! I thought about changing the title, but the way SEO are set up....why mess with a good thing! lol

So my lemonade inspiration comes from the color of this shirt from Fashion To Figure. It's not just's lemony! The inspiration also comes from the old adage "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade". I've had a lot of lemons in life...been dealing with one in particular for some time now.  But that's what happens to the living...we deal! The lemons in this post (besides the color of the shirt) were the shoes. I got really excited when I was styling this look because I could finally break out these bright yellow pumps I bought last summer. I had almost given them away so many times but I was determined to wear them.

Enter this shirt. I thought it was a match made in lemony heaven. Buuuut...I didn't really like how it all photographed, even though I loved the photos themselves. (Sidebar: my hubby is really coming into his own as photographer. Trust me when I tell you I'm not even the best thing he shoots...he is amazing!) I didn't want to do a re-shoot since I pretty much loved the top half of the outfit. I just want to be real with you perfection over here! (Says the recovering perfectionist.)

I liked the way the shoes looked with a pair of denim color leggings which are also from FTF and since I wanted to the show the shirt with pants I just went with it. At this juncture I'll state that I know to some leggings are a fashion no-no, but these are one of those "I love them so I'll wear them whenever I want" items on my list. Ya feel me? 

fashion to figure, ftf, plus size peplum top, yellow peplum top

fashion to figure, plus size peplum top, yellow peplum top, plus size tops

fashion to figure, ftf, fashion to figure peplum top, yellow peplum top, plus size shirts, plus size peplum tops

fashion to figure, ftf, plus size yellow top, plus size peplum top, plus size shirts

ftf, fashion to figure, yellow peplum top, plus size peplum top

fashion to figure, ftf, yellow peplum top, plus size peplum top

So go on and get you some of this BBD shade, no one played and no blades (or bats) included. P.S. I haven't seen the entire "Lemonade" video, but I saw & read enough about it to craft that last line! ;-)

Yellow Shirt: Julia Off The Shoulder Peplum from FTF
Skirt: Nero Pointe Midi Skirt from FTF
Leggings: Colten Knit Denim Leggings from FTF
Shoes: Payless (unavailable but similar here from DSW)
Yellow Clutch: FTF (unavailable but find other options here)
Orange Flower Clutch: DSW (find other options here)

Bonus look:
This is a small preview of my upcoming 'summer whites' series. This shirt & skirt are also from FTF so I paired them the lemony heels & clutch for a pop of color and threw these pics in the mix. 

Both from Fashion to Figure
Ivory Top: Darla Bow Peplum Top  Skirt: Nero Pointe Midi Skirt

This post was not sponsored by the vendors showcased. No affiliate links are featured in the post. 

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