Monday, July 11, 2016

Let It Flow

plus size white maxidress, all white dress, plus size white dress, white maxidresses

plus size white dress,  all white, white maxidress, plus size white maxidress

We're four looks into my #summerwhites series and this dress is truly one of my favorites! This unbelievably comfortable "White Flowy Halter Dress" from Curvaceous Boutique is actually my second...I have the same one in black! This dress is the ultimate #summerwhite look. 

Some plus size women don't like to wear anything that's considered "shapeless" because they think it makes them look bigger. I totally understand this sentiment. But then there's a dress like this that makes me love the flowiness and ease of it despite how it doesn't necessarily contour my shape. But I know I have curves, so I don't need a dress to remind of that fact. And sometimes, particularly in the heat of the summer, it's good (or I should say necessary) to wear something that is free flowing and light. I couldn't help but name this post after the instinctive nature of the dress. Let. It. Flow.

white maxidresses, plus size white maxidress, plus size white dress

plus size white dresses, all white, white maxidresses, plus size white maxidress

all white dress, plus size white dress, white maxidresses

Dress: White Flowy Halter from Curvaceous Boutique (see below) 
Flower 'necklace': Target 
Belt: DSW (found last year on clearance)
Clutch: Burlington (bought on clearance)

*Notes: Though this dress came in three colors, unfortunately it is no longer available in white or teal and at the time of this writing there was only one size left in black. As is common with boutiques, they sometimes do not restock items and such is the case with this dress (I checked with the store). That said, here is another one of my favorite style of dresses that I've purchased from CB. I have the Gabby style dress in five colors, so that should tell you how much I love it.

**This post comes on the heels of a very tumultuous and terribly sad few days for our nation. I struggled with whether or not to release a post so soon after we experienced such tragedy in our homeland, particularly since there is still a fair amount of unrest due to the tragic events. But I know that we're all trying to put back the pieces of our sense of normalcy in our lives. The work that needs to be done will continue and my hope is that progress & changes will be made. I also hope that I can offer a few pleasurable distractions (via my posts) to the heaviness that many of us bear given the recent events. I offer my prayer of peace and blessings to every reader.

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