Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Paige Out Of The Playbook

plus size maxidress, plus size navy dress, formal maxidress, plus size formal dress

plus size formalwear, plus size maxidress, plus size navy dress, maxidresses

So you have a formal, yet conservative affair coming up and you need a sophiscated yet stylish look for said event that won't break the bank. Enter GCGme! With GCGme you've got a great resource for plus size maxidresses for any special occasion. I had just so happen to select the "Paige" dress for its classic, elegant look which would fair well with upcoming autumn events. Little did I know I'd have the opportunity to wear it to a very prestigious award ceremony honoring the legendary civil servant and civil rights activist, Rep. John Lewis held at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia on September 19. It was the absolute ideal dress to wear to the event. I was comfortable and chic...two of my favorite "c" words!

The dress comes in a variety of colors and sizes from XS to 3X...score for GCGme! I recently had someone ask me if I only styled for plus sizes. I had GCGme in mind when I responded as I knew it is a source where women of various sizes and shapes can find a selection of lovely dresses for their special affairs.

gcgme maxidress, gcgme formal dress, plus size navy dress

plus size maxidress, plus size formalwear, plus size evening dress

plus size maxidress, plus size formal dress, plus size evening wear, plus size evening dress

As a bonus, BBDF readers who use the code "BBD20" will receive 20% discount on any purchase now through October 31. Shop now to find your perfect party look! And be sure to use #gcgme or #gcgonme to show off your look on IG.

Dress: "Paige" Maxidress from GCGme (wearing size 3X)
Shoes: Payless (oldies but goodies)
Purse: Stilettos Boutique 

*Styling notes: This dress has great stretch, but yet is still true to size. It has a nice snug fit up top and plenty of room below. You can add sparkling jewelry and shoes to make it really fancy, or keep it low key classic like I did for my more conservative event. Either way you'll look fabulous!

The company featured in this post sent me their product for my review. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience with the product. No affiliate links are featured in this post.


  1. Gorgeous! Would you mind telling me what size this dress is in? Is it true to size? I have a wedding to go to in two months!

    1. Thanks so much! I just updated the post with the size I'm wearing (3X) and styling notes. Thanks for asking as I had forgotten to include this info as I normally do! And yes, the dress is true to size. I think it would be perfect for a wedding. Be sure to use the BBD code to get the special discount! :)

    2. I will use the discount thank you! One more question, (I also left it on your instagram about twenty minutes ago) is this in the navy blue color? The clothing website photo looks dark but your picture shows such a beautiful tone! Especially in the sun!

    3. Glad you got the info! Feel free to tag me in a photo of you wearing the dress...I'd love to see it! :)


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