Thursday, November 17, 2016

Holiday Shake-Up

The holidays are fast approaching and with that most of us are already shopping for outfits to wear to the many special occasions we'll attend this season. Why not shake things up this year? 

Instead going with the usual colors of the holiday season, how about showing off a bit by rocking a nontraditional, but fun, festive garment that'll be sure to turn heads? That's exactly what you could do in this beautiful maxi skirt from L'aviye. This UK based designer offers a wonderful array of handmade African print clothing, shoes, and accessories. The skirt featured here is one their best selling items.

 Big Bella Donna Laviye

 Big Bella Donna L'aviye

Make this the year you go against the grain, step outside the box, push the envelope and all the other euphemisms that mean do something different. Have fun with your holiday looks...'tis the season!

Get The Look
Skirt by L'aviye (wearing size US 20/UK 24)
Top & accessories from my closet

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*Styling notes: The skirt runs true to size in light of the fact that it's UK sizing. It's actually a softer material than some of the other African print skirts I worn recently, but it still keeps its full form. There's a thin lining that doesn't go through the full length of the skirt. But it doesn't really affect the fit.

The company featured in this post sent me their product for my review. All opinions are my own. No affiliate links are featured in this post.


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