Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Year in Review: Best of 2016 - Part 1

 Big Bella Donna Rebolls

2016 is coming to an end! What a craaaazzzy year, huh? I'm about to go into hibernation for a little while, but before I dip out I thought we'd do a throwback to some of my favorites looks from this year. This first shot is from my winter whites post. If you click the photo, you'll see the latest version of this dress from Rebdolls (different name but looks the same).

Some of the featured looks might not be available at this point, but be sure to click the post links and the photos just in case it gets it you to something close. Enjoy part one of the best of 2016!

Winter Wonderland: One of my favorite shots of all time!

Kiyonna's Siren Song: Another great shoot! Great dress for the holidays and it's still available!

 Big Bella Donna Kiyonna

Shimmer & Shine with Kiyonna: Another great dress for holidays that you can still snatch up!

 Big Bella Donna Kiyonna

The final Kiyonna look for part one of the review. This was another fave for the anniversary post for the blog. The top featured here is still available and it's on sale!

 Big Bella Donna Kiyonna

Speaking of anniversaries...here are two looks I shot while celebrating with my 11th year of wedded bliss with my hubby in NYC.

Khloe In The City: Hands down one of the best shoots we've ever done. So awesome!

Olive You JIBRI: My ode to one of my favorite designers. Another great dress that's still available.

There were so many great looks this year...stay tuned for part two of my year end recap!

Some of the items featured here were sent to me for my review. See original posts for more information. Some affiliate links are featured in this post.

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