Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Year in Review: Best of 2016 - Part 2

 Big Bella Donna Sydney's Closet

We're a little shy of two weeks away from 2017...can you believe it? No seriously...can you? Each and every December feels like the year just began when it's nearly over. And this year sure has been a doozy, huh? To list all the mind blowing moments of 2016 would take another post entirely, so let's just recap some more of my favorite looks starting with the one above from Sydney's Closet

Sydney's Closet will always have special place here on BBDF. This exclusive plus size evening wear designer is truly dedicated to their mission of providing gorgeous gowns in plus and extended plus sizes. Read more about the gown featured above in this post recapping the auto show I attended in January of this year.

Now for more favorites from Sydney's Closet! I wore this beauty to the gala for the African American Museum of Philadelphia (AAMP) this past spring.

 Big Bella Donna Sydney's Closet

And this party perfect dress is from my most recent post featuring the Golden Girl cocktail dress from Sydney's Closet. This dress is ideal for NYE parties! You really can't go wrong with their wonderful selection of formal gowns and dresses.

 Big Bella Donna Sydney's Closet

This Paige dress from GCGme was another fave. I wore it to a very special event I attended in late summer. It was comfortable, chic and absolutely perfect for the event.

 Big Bella Donna GCGme

Earlier in the summer I did another white series to complement the one I did for the winter season. I got an opportunity to feature one of the designers I had set out to try before the end of year.

 Big Bella Donna SWAK

I also featured this gorgeous look from another blog favorite, Kiyonna, in the summer white series.

 Big Bella Donna Kiyonna

 Big Bella Donna Kiyonna

African print made several appearances on the blog this summer as well. The first two skirts were from D'iyanu, a designer that's local to my area. I love featuring local talent whenever possible.

 Big Bella Donna D'iyanu

 Big Bella Donna D'iyanu

The other beautiful African print maxi skirt featured on the blog was from L'aviye. I had fun styling this bright, bold skirt.

 Big Bella Donna L'aviye

As I mentioned in the previous post, there were so many great looks featured this year. This is really just a small sampling. Be sure to check out my YouTube channel to see my reviews on some of the hairstyles featured in these posts.

I am truly grateful to the companies that asked me to share my honest reviews on their products this year. I'm also glad that I got a chance to feature pieces from some of my favorite places to shop. As another year ends, I reflect on how much I've survived during the past 12 months. I may not share all that I've gone through here on the blog...but just know life hits me hard sometimes just like any of us. Nevertheless, just as with each new year, I'm excited to see what awaits in 2017. 

I wish you a very happy holiday season and blessings & peace in the new year!


Some of the items featured here were sent to me for my review. See original posts for more information. Some affiliate links are featured in this post.


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