Monday, March 12, 2018

The Crochet Way

Wearing Mane Concept Caribbean Beach Curl

My love for crochet braids (aka latchhook braids or crochet weave) goes back to about four years ago when I discovered this ultra-convenient way to wear my natural hair. The idea that I could do anything remotely stylish to my hair with my own hands was daunting and quite frankly, based on my assumption at the time, an impossibility.

But four years later and I'm a to speak. I'm definitely a pro at wearing crochet styles even if I'm still on an intermediate to semi-advance level of crochet installation. Bottom line is my love runs deep for this go-to protective style and I don't see an end to this love affair anytime soon.

My YouTube channel has been pretty much dedicated to my review of the various styles I've worn over the past almost two years. I'm expanding the content on the channel, but one thing that will remain is my reviews on the hair I used for my favorite hairstyle.  The latest review is below, but the best way to stay up-to-date is to subscribe to my channel so you can get the videos hot of the press!


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