Thursday, April 12, 2018

Which Protective Style Is Best For You?

I've started a brief series on my Youtube channel reviewing the basics of protective styles. In my first video I cover my love for head wraps as a tried & true protective style. Prior to being asked by a follower on Instagram about how I do them and what I use, I hadn't realized just how much I like wearing head wraps and how often I actually wear them (which is a lot!).

In this post, I share my two favorite ways to wear head wraps. The first is full turban style (which in this case I used two scarves to get the right fullness), and the second style is the top knot with an updo. These styles are done using fashionable scarves purchased from stores like Ross, Burlington, and Target or from my mother's closet as I'm good for 'borrowing' an item only never to return it.

The video is below the pics. What's your favorite head wrap or natural hair protective style?

Stay tuned for part two of the series coming next week.

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