Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Hot in Havana

"Havana" Sensationnel Half Wig worn with my natural hair blended in front
Wigs fall lovingly into second place on my list of favorite alternatives to styling my natural hair. I wore them pretty regularly before switching to crochet braids as my main protective style. You can find plenty of versatile crochet hairstyles, but nothing beats the versatility of a wig. NOTHING. You can change your appearance in less than 60 seconds with the help of a well made wig.

Wigs vary in prices similar to hair used for crochet braids ranging from very low end to very high end quality, although wigs might ultimately win the award for most expensive when compared to the most expensive hair used for crochet styles.

In part two of my series I compared crochet braids and sew-in weaves. Take a guess which one I preferred between the two styles? (Hint: it rhymes with 'bochet craids'.)  As promised in the final installment of my protective styles series,  I've got a few wig demos coming up on the channel and here on the blog so be sure to subscribe to both to stay up-to-date. Check out the video below the pics!

Sensationnel Havana Half Wig shown with my natural hair blended in front

Sensationnel Havana Half Wig pulled back with top knot head wrap

Sensationnel Havana Half Wig shown as curly 'fro with bang

Find out more details & where to shop for this wig.


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